“If you do not step forward, you will always stay in the same place.”

“If you do not step forward, you will always stay in the same place.”

It’s 10pm, I’m sitting on the couch, listening to music while I’m thinking about my first day at Maastricht and writing this post. I arrived at the studio, which was rented for me by my new employer for the next six weeks, yesterday after an eight hour train ride. I had dinner with the landlords, an older married couple. They’re really nice and speak german pretty well. 
The studio is small but okay. It’ll be okay for six weeks.

Soooo today I got up super late because I was super lazy, was hungry as hell, but had – of course – nothing to eat in the fridge. I decided to stroll along the river, experience the city and get something to eat. As I reached the city, I noticed that EVERY SHOP WAS OPENED – on a Sunday!! So I came home with some fresh veggies and cooked by myself.


some heakthy stuff for the empty fridge
salad with gently roasted veggies and hummus dressing
At the city center, I noticed so many Germans. Maastricht really is an international city. Strolling through the streets, you do not only hear people speaking dutch, but also german, english, french and so much more.


The beautiful Maas
Maastricht Centrum
Have a nice evening everyone and a great start into the new week!

Love, Mone